XXL Chunky Merino Wool - Ruby Red

€ 34,95

Make your own XXL plaid, pillow or other arm knit projects with this 100% Merino Wool.


The wool is 27 micron (55-65 cm) and is incredibly soft. It is a natural fiber wool that does not itch and breaths. Because of the natural state of the wool, the wool has a natural wax layer which protects itself from dirt. The wool is dyed without chemicals. The Bio White and Bio Brown are not dyed at all and therefore the most natural wool you can buy. The wool is also cruelty- and mulesing free and is manufactured wihtin the EU.


COLOR: Ruby Red


MATERIAL: 100% Merino Wool (27 micron)


WEIGHT: You can buy one kilogram or a bump (4,7 kg). For example: a 200 cm by 120 cm plaid is 4,7 kg. A catbed is 1 kg.


Keep an eye on the webshop because soon I will be selling patterns for beautiful chunky plaids and catbeds.